Update febr 03 , 2022

We sell our stroopwafel machines to clients all over the world.

We help starters to set up their stroopwafel business
as a professional. How?

We sell stroopwafelmachines
We sell stroopwafels
We sell stroopwafel cans
We sell stroop
We sell stroopwafel dough
We sell Stroopwafel bakingmixes
We sell stroop instant powder to make stroop yourself the easy way

We train you at our academy for stroopwafels in the Netherlands
or we travel to your country to train your team.

For industrial stroopwafelproductionline info click HERE

Contact: info@vandemeester.com

Who we are?

We are the # 1 Stroopwafel company in the world
a vandeMeester.com company
with leading Stroopwafel innovations.

Visit our stroopwafelacademy.com
to become a stroopwafel professional

Stroopwafelmachine Pro for intensive daily use.

Our company:

Stroopwafelequipment is a division of vandeMeester.com
located in the Netherlands. Home base of the stroopwafel.

We have clients all over the world.

How can we help you?

DUTCH: Stroopwafelbakker worden?
Wij helpen u graag met apparatuur, stroopwafeldeeg en stroop
en de training om succesvol aan de slag te gaan.

Buy our equipment online: WEBSHOP